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Hi! I’m Ashley, a Virginia engagement and wedding photographer, and I have a soft spot for love stories.

It is so fun to have a “blast from the past” now and then. I had my first ever job with Sami, back when I was 14 or 15! We did concessions together at Langley Speedway, the local racetrack that back then was a dirt track! It feels like forever ago, but it really wasn’t! I was […]

It is always fun to photograph a fellow photog friend! There are four of us who are in the same stage of business that tries to meet up once a month for coffee to chat all things photography. I love being a part of this little group of ladies! It’s great to have friends who understand when […]

I met with Justine and Zac out at Windsor Castle Park on a sunny Wednesday in May for their Maternity session. They’re expecting their first baby, a son they’ve named Jamison Sean <3 <3 We wandered around the grounds of the park for about an hour or so, and boy did Zac keep us laughing! […]